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Common Questions

Is ShopSavvy really free?

Yes. ShopSavvy is 100% free to use.

When someone purchases through a link our system has discovered, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission from qualifying purchases. This does not increase the cost of the item in any way.

We also earn money by displaying advertisements inside the app.

Finally, we earn money when someone upgrades to ShopSavvy Pro, a set of extra features that includes hiding all advertisements.

No Nearby Prices Found

Make sure location permission is enabled in your device's settings.

If you still don't see a store you're expecting, please feel free to reach out and let us know. This helps us know which stores to prioritize adding support for next. (We add support for new retailers daily).

Barcode Scanner

The scanner in ShopSavvy works a little differently than the ones at retail stores. It uses your device's camera instead of a laser.

For best results, start by centering the barcode you want to scan in the viewfinder, and waiting for just a second.

If after a few seconds the code is still not recognized, make sure you're keeping a steady hand and avoiding glares that might obscure the barcode.

Try placing the barcode about 6 inches away from the camera (smaller barcodes may need to be held closer). The camera will automatically try different focus settings while scanning, this improves support for very small and very large codes.

If you're having trouble with a specific code, please feel free to reach out to us directly at Including a photo of the code is recommended but not required. Happy scanning!

Not Seeing Expected Prices

ShopSavvy's comparison technology supports millions of different items at over 70,000 retailers, and we're working hard everyday to add support for as many items and retailers as possible, but some products are tricky for us to support.

Things like produce, very low priced items, and items not sold anywhere online are tough to track down prices for.

If you're not seeing any prices found with one of these types of items we suggest checking back again in the future, as we improve our support daily.

If the item you're trying to compare prices for doesn't fall into one of those problematic categories, and you're still not seeing a retailer you expect to, please reach out and let us know the retailer's name. This helps us know which stores to prioritize adding support for next.

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