ShopSavvy Data API

Use our powerful HTTP API to access or track product details, pricing and availability data, historical data and more on millions of products and billions of prices across tens of thousands of retailers and sellers.

Advanced Retail Intelligence

The Power of ShopSavvy, Anywhere

Product details, prices, availability, scheduled refreshes, historical data, and more. It's all here and ready to integrate into your app, product, service, or workflow.


Product Details

Lookup and identify products using tons of different supported identifiers like barcode, ASIN, and more. Retrieve details like name, product images, other product identifiers and more for millions of products.


All Prices at All Retailers

Built upon our years of experience in e-commerce, our API can provide high accuracy, high fidelity, and comprehensive data about the price and availability of products across tens of thousands of retailers and millions of sellers.


Price & NounAvailability Change History

We track each time the price or availability of a product changes at a per-offer level. You can request this data for a given date range, and each offer will contain a list of times its price and availability changed with timestamps.


Scheduled Price & NounAvailability Refreshes

Easily set certain products to be 'refreshed' on a schedule you specify. When a product is refreshed, ShopSavvy finds all the latest prices and availability for it. You have full control over how frequently any product is refreshed and can add/remove/update your list of scheduled products at any time.

Everything You Need

Packed with Features

We try to support as many different use cases as possible. If you need functionality we don't offer yet, please let us know at


Barcode Lookup

Identify products by their barcode. We support UPC, EAN, and ISBN and more, and have high-quality data about millions of products.

URL Lookup

Our API can identify products by their URL at any retailer, just use the URL as the identifier when looking up products or offers.

Amazon ASIN Lookup

We fully support retrieving product details, offers, and more using Amazon ASINs.

CSV Support

All responses support JSON, but product details and offers can (optionally) be returned in CSV format. We even flatten out the data so it can be easily imported into a spreadsheet or other system.

Model & MPN Lookup

Some partners only have model numbers or MPNs for products. Our API also supports looking up products by these kinds of identifiers.

Multiple Product Lookups

Retrieving product details, offers, updating refresh schedules and more can all be done for multiple products at once using a simple comma-separated list of identifiers.

First Party Retailers & Third Party Sellers

Our price and availability data covers tens of thousands of retailers and millions of sellers. We track and make sense of all of them to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive data possible.

Useful Metadata

Much more than just prices. Offers retrieved through the API also provide a URL, product condition, and more for every single retailer or seller selling the product.


Straightforward, Fair, Competitive Pricing

Choose a plan below to get started. Once subscribed in our developer portal, you'll be given a Base URL and API Key. You'll use these to access the API.
Read the documentation for complete instructions.

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20 credits/month

Tier 1


5,000 credits/month
+$0.02/additional credit

Tier 2


20,000 credits/month
+$0.015/additional credit

Tier 3


50,000 credits/month
+$0.01/additional credit

Tier 4


200,000 credits/month
+$0.005/additional credit

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How Credits Work

Retrieving different kinds of data from the API costs different amounts of credits. Details are listed below, as well as in the documentation.

  • Retrieving Product Details
    1 credit per product requested
  • Retrieving Offers for Products
    3 credits for all retailers, 2 credits for a single retailer
  • Retrieving Offers With Historical Offer Data
    3 credits for all retailers, 2 credits for a single retailer
    + 1 credit for each day requested
  • Enabling or Changing Refresh Schedule for Products
    1 credit per product scheduled or changed
    + 3 credits every time each product is refreshed

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