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Sceptre X505BV-FMDR - 50" LED TV - 1080p

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Sleek and stylish brush pattern black 50” LED MHL 1080P HDTV (E505BV-FMQR) lets you view in crisp, crystal clear, and sharp images to eliminate all the motion blur for a realistic and enriching viewing experience. With the addition of 3 HDMI ports lets you connect all your favorite devices at one time. Plus, the innovative USB port further expands functionality, allowing users to listen to music and view digital pictures quickly and conveniently. This stylish brush pattern black 50” HDTV is perfect for any room in your home, while emitting vibrant and angelic colors. Through the new LED technology that uses LED lights helps creates a sleek and elegant look. Also, this HDTV has an additional MHL port that’s lets you connect everyday mobile device to your HDTV for a better viewing experience.

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