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The Firm: 5 Day Stretch - Exercise - VHS


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Jennifer Krater hosts this presentation of five daily stretching routines gleaned from the series of Firm total-body videos. Designed to relax and lengthen muscles, each routine lasts approximately ten minutes. Firm leaders in this video include Susan Harris from Body Sculpting Basics; Janet Jones-Gretzky of Low Impact Aerobics; Sandahl Bergman, who teaches the routine from Aerobic Interval Training (and who also appeared in the movies All That Jazz and Conan the Barbarian); LaReine Chabut, from the video Abs, Hips, & Thighs Sculpting; and Jayne Poteet, of the Complete Aerobic Weight Training workout. Pelvic floor exercises are also included, which are designed to help prevent or cure incontinence and improve sexual function. Equipment required for the stretching program include a towel and a chair. ~ Steve Blackburn, Rovi

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