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Our Team

He maintains and implements new features for ProductCloud and handles data analytics in the Hadoop and Cassandra clusters. A self taught programmer with over 15 years of experience, he fondly recollects the days of coding in C and assembly with a trusted copy of K&R by the side. Outside work he enjoys hacking on open source projects, and spending time with his wife and (if you ask him) the most amazing daughter in the world.

Ajai Shankar

Senior Full Stack Engineer
Alex is a server-side engineer at ShopSavvy where he helps build the services that power their mobile and web applications. His fascination with web development began in late 2008 when he helped build the API for a windows mobile app in college, but he likes to do things like going to music festivals and snowboarding, too!

Alex Wood

Backend Engineer
With past gigs at Klout, Zynga, and Yahoo! Entertainment, Chris now drives strategy, planning and implementation for all ShopSavvy’s product initiatives. Basically, he’s the guy who makes people work while shotgunning PBRs.

Chris Makarsky

VP of Product
Conlan helps maintain and expand the app for both iPhone and iPad. He began iOS development in 2008 shortly after the initial launch of the app store and has been an Apple fanboy ever since.

Conlan Rios

iOS Developer
He takes the designs and requirements for a product and puts them into what you interact with in the web browser. He was born and raised in New Jersey. Before ShopSavvy, Cris worked as a software engineer on Boeing aircraft embedded systems, and was the Lead Front End Engineer at Crowdscore Labs. Overall, Cris enjoys creating elegant solutions to complex problems, likes kicking back with friends, and loves jamming to dance music.

Cristopher Kedmenec

Web Developer
After watching a CNN segment about a 12 year old kid who created a top selling mobile app, David quit his job the next day to follow his dreams of programming. When he is not saving the world from crappy apps, he enjoys stargazing and long walks on the beach.

David Bailey

Back End Developer
I was a starving artist in Paris, painting for pennies, scrounging for food and hiding from the rain and bad attitudes. Once, when I was begging for money in the Montmarte, a man passed and saw my potential in Software Engineering and offered me a job. "I believe in you," he said, "what is your name?" "Pierre Dominique Maurier," I said. "I'll call you David," he replied. That man was John Boyd and now I build software for ShopSavvy. I like to paint too.

David Mitchell

Lead Software Engineer
Etienne is an LA Native who recently moved up to SF to join ShopSavvy. He enjoys playing soccer, bodyboarding, golf, and video games in no particular order. He has a strong passion for Android technologies.

Etienne Lawlor

Android Developer
Jake is the resident User-Interface and User-Experience guru. He has been responsible for all the major design and development of ShopSavvy for iOS, the AdOns framework, and the ShopSavvy ScannerKit Barcode Scanning SDK for iOS.

Jake Marsh

Lead iOS developer
Jeff loves finding solutions to design challenges. He loves spending his time to make sure everything has been thoroughly thought through and beautiful. On his free-time, Jeff loves to snowboard and ride his motorcycle.

Jeff Broderick

Creative Director
O Captain! My Captain! John has pioneered many things at ShopSavvy: the groundbreaking mobile advertising program, the San Francisco office, and our general wellbeing. Previous conquests have been in the mobile and technology spaces.

John Boyd

CEO & Co-Founder
Jon is a Senior Application Engineer at ShopSavvy, where he helps maintain and implement new features for all backend assets, primarily AdOns, ProductCloud and Wallet. One of the coolest things he’s done is help design a fully-automated stack router for Cessna Aircraft, and be the dad of two cute twin boys.

Jon Baker

Back End Developer
Katie is the person who talks to other people about ShopSavvy. With previous experience in hospitality marketing and PR tech, when she’s not busy on Facebook and Twitter for work, she’ll be on there for fun. Current interests include Ryan Gosling, hockey and mastering the art of discreet online shopping.

Katie Mui

Community Manager
Mackenzie is a graduate from Oklahoma State University and manages all Ads on the app as well as the Dallas and San Francisco offices. She is our resident style expert and advises us on all things trendy and fashionable :)

Mackenzie Frazier

Marketing Manager
One of the early pioneers of mobile barcode scanning tech that helped kick off the mobile e-commerce explosion we're seeing today, Rylan first started working on ShopSavvy in 2002 and led it to win first prize in Google's 2008 Android Developer Challenge. He’s also the mastermind behind ProductCloud, ShopSavvy's backend, the world's most comprehensive, real time, price comparison search engine.

Rylan Barnes

Co-Founder & CTO
Scott joined ShopSavvy in January 2012 and has managed to do a little bit of everything since then - manage and organize teams of developers, optimize performance on the API, stand-in DBA, .Net backend, Cassandra cluster maintenance, RoR dashboards, Redis pub/sub, as well as Android development. In his free time, Scott leads a support group for recovering iPhone users who are ready to move past static, square icons into a brave new world of dynamic content.

Scott Roberts

Software Development Manager
Big time Depeche Mode fan from LA. Love coding specially for Android. Recently moved to San Francisco to join Shopsavvy. Also looking forward to snowboarding season.


Android Developer
Yaroslav is the analytics guy at ShopSavvy and works closely with both mobile and web teams with product specs. Like a true Ukrainian, he enjoys snowboarding, soccer, and vodka.

Yaroslav Borets

Associate Product Manager

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