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ProScan PLDED3280A 32" 720p 60Hz D-LED HDTV

Watch your favorite shows and movies in quality with this ProScan HDTV PLDED3280A. The 32" D-LED panel with 1366 x 768 HD resolution offers enhanced graphics. It allows you to watch movies just as the director intended. This TV has true 16:9 aspect ratio along with wide 178-degree vertical and 178-degree horizontal angles so you can see a clear picture from anywhere in the room. The built-in digital tuner lets you watch digital broadcasts, including HDTV programs where available. It has two HDMI inputs so you can enjoy a superior HD experience. This 720p HDTV is wall mountable for easy placement and it meets VESA standards. A USB port is in place for added functionality. The screen measures 31.5" diagonally from corner to corner. It works with a wide range of TV stands.

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