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Skech SK49JNBLK Journal Polyurethane Protective Case for 12.9" iPad Pro, Black

Integrated stand: Yes. - Full access to all ports and controls, lightweight design that adds minimal bulk. - Supports wake/sleep function. - Design: Slim, protective and functional. - The Skech Journal black polyurethane protective case offers multiple viewing angles with built-in kickstand and supports wake/sleep function. This case is compatible with 12.9" Apple iPad Pro. The protective case offers full body protection with all aro. - Protective case keeps your device free from scratches, accidental damages or bumps. - Compatibility: 12.9" Apple iPad Pro. - Color: Black, Material: Polyurethane (case). Folio style: Standard. - Multiple viewing angles with built-in kickstand, full body protection with all around hard shell. - Has smart on/off feature. - Features Apple pencil holder

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