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Cabela's 40" Black Smoker by Masterbuilt

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Cabela's by Masterbuilt has elevated the smoker to the next level. Smoke all of your favorite smoke-infused foods with incredible ease, the 40" Black Smoker with Bluetooth® boasts integrated technology that turns your smart device into a remote that controls the smoker's power, internal light, cooking temperature and cooking time. Titan-sized, this smoker offers a total of 1,462-sq.-in. of cooking space, enough for full racks of ribs, turkeys, chickens, briskets and all of your favorite side dishes. The 120V 1200W-watt heating element with thermostatic temperature control delivers even consistent smoking up to 275°F. The simple-to-operate woodchip loading system lets you add wood without opening a door, keeping all of the smoke and heat inside. Front control panel with removable sunshade. 40.1"H x 19.7"W x 25.6"D.

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