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Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker with Value Kit

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See how your smoked meats, cheeses or vegetables are coming along with Masterbuilt's Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker Kit. Built-in meat probe displays the food temperature at the touch of a button. Thermostatic-controlled temperature with digital temperature and time controls to precisely dial in the perfect setting for your food. Built-in internal cabinet light shows you progress without having to open the door. Four racks provide 730 sq. in. of cooking space and can hold six racks for a total of 1,095 sq. in. of cooking area. 25-lb. capacity. 33.5"H x 20.3"W x 19.6"D. Wt: 56.05 lbs. Kit includes: "Dadgum, That's Good!" CD-ROM: John McLemore's own savory recipes to view on your home computer with full-color photos. Smoker Cover: Keep your smoker protected from the elements when not in use. High-quality reinforced polyester. Imported. Sausage Rack: Hang kielbasa, summer sausage, bratwurst – anything you can think of smoking on nine evenly spaces hooks.

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