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Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinder Attachments

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Get the most out of your Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinder by creating a wide variety of snacks and meals using our Commercial-Grade Grinder Attachments. Removable one-way-fit feed guides and feed chute simplify processing and cleanup. Heavy-duty cast-aluminum construction. Includes meat tongs and two Allen wrenches for quick assembly. Compatible with all Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinders made after 2005. Available: • Tenderizer/Cuber Attachment – Tenderize domestic or wild-game cuts for delicious cube steaks, country fried steaks and fajita meat. Extra-large feed chute accepts cuts of meat up to 7.75" wide and 1.5" thick. Dual rollers have 32 2.75" blades to ensure even tenderization across each cut of meat. 12"L x 7"W x 11"H. Wt: 9 lbs. • Jerky-Slicer Attachment – Process large amounts of jerky quickly and efficiently. Perfect for dehydrating or smoking, it cuts meat into 18 slices of 1.5"W x 3/8" thick jerky. Spring-loaded blade system compresses 38 stainless steel blades for preci

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