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Cabela's 15" Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer

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Our versatile 15" Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer not only offers ample sealing length, but a bag-gripping cocking lid, double-seal capacity and an amped-up dual-piston DC vacuum pump. Take it with you to the campsite or on your next hunt to package game meat for freezing and lock in freshness. Effortless control panel delivers complete control over the vacuum and sealing cycles, or operate with a push of the one-button computer-controlled operation. DC pump sucks air through the top of the sealing chamber to stop liquids from being let in the pump. Side storage compartment holds a hose attachment that connects to the control panel to draw air out of storage canisters. Automated marinate function can be used to add flavor to meats in minutes. Onboard bag storage with built-in cutter for easy bag preparation. Recessed cord wrap tucks away for simple storage. Easy-to-clean stainless steel construction for years of use. 19"L x 12.2" W x 6"H. Wt: 19.25 lbs.

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