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Cabela's 7-Gal. Mixer Attachment with Tilt

Whether you're making homemade sausage links, patties, jerky or hamburger out of domestic meat or wild game, our mixer turns a messy job into a simple task. Add your favorite seasoning mixture, meat and water, and let the improved four-paddle system mix your ingredients in minutes. Our tiltable mixer holds approximately 33 lbs./7 gal. of meat and can be operated manually or hook up to your Cabela's Commercial-Grade Meat Grinder for electronic, hands-free mixing. 90° tilt with four lockable positions simplifies operation and meat unloading. The polished stainless steel tank and paddles resist rust. Removable tank, handle and paddles make cleanup simple. Includes clear acrylic lid with convenient spice slot for adding water and ingredients without removing the cover. Four large skid-resistant rubber feet grip any counter surface for added stability. (Hand wash only). 22"L x 11.5"W x 19"H.

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