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Cabela's Commercial Grade Stuffers

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A long-time customer favorite due to their commercial-grade stuffing power and rugged steel construction, our Commercial-Grade Vertical Stuffers are back and better than ever. Featuring strong steel gears and etched fill indicators inside the plunger shaft to allow you to view the canister status at a glance. Dual-speed gear cranks the stuffer down slowly and can quickly be switched to a higher gear and cranked back up to take on more grinds. Easy-to-insert, front-locking canister stands up on its own. Base and cylinder are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. Comes with four stuffing tubes (10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm) that tackle stuffing everything from snack sticks to summer sausages. Clutch-operated electric motor sold separately (works with this model of stuffer only). Available: • 11 lbs. – 24.5"H x 11.5"W x 8.5"D. Wt: 27 lbs. • 20 lbs. – 26"H x 13.5"W x 10"D. Wt: 37 lbs. • 30 lbs. – 31.5"H x 13.5"W x 10"D. Wt: 40 lbs.

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