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NEW! Cabela's 80-Liter Commercial Food Dehydrator

Create perfect, delicious snacks from fruits, vegetables and game meats right in the comfort of your own home with our 80-liter Commercial-Grade Food Dehydrator. Penta 360-Degree Air Flo technology uses five air tubes to create a cyclonic pattern, which blankets the entire cabinet with an even flow of air. Plus, Smart Heat technology automatically monitors intake air and internal cabinet temperature and then adjusts the fan speed to achieve optimal dehydrating perfection. Powerful 1,400-watt heater. Four-color display shows your set time, set temperature, actual time and actual temperature, and the one-button control knob features easy-to-use push-and-set functions. Pre-heat function automatically starts warming the cabinet beforehand. Removable Snap-Lock rack frame system. Two large lights with 24 high-intensity LEDs allow you to see inside. Drain reservoir with removable drawer to catch drippings for easy cleanup. Carry handles. Includes 12 removable 18.75”L x 15.75”W racks. 23.25”L x 20.125”W x 25”H. Wt: 7

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