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Cabela's Men's Silent Weave? Waterfowler's Seven-Button Shirt

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Our Men's Silent-Weave Waterfowler’s Seven-Button Shirt is designed for the waterfowler who demands superior comfort and performance during mild early-season hunts without sacrificing the durability to withstand long days afield. The shirt is constructed of 7.5-oz. polyester/cotton for a soft texture that remains quiet when the birds are circling overhead. Extra-long tail stays tucked in when you’re crouched down getting ready to take ’em. Two front pockets are equipped with button- through flaps, so your gear doesn’t fall to the bottom of the blind. Imported. Sizes: S-3XL. Camo patterns: Realtree MAX-4®, Realtree MAX-5™, Cabela's Seclusion 3D® Backwaters®, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass® Blades®.

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