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Cabela's Instinct™ Men's Accelerator Chest Waders with 4MOST DRY-PLUS™ – Regular

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You'll hike the distance and trudge through half-frozen bogs to find your honey hole. Then you'll wade to retrieve knocked-down ducks. Taking your limit involves tons of movement – that's Cabela's Instinct Men's Accelerator Chest Waders with 4MOST DRY-PLUS are built to take on mud-caked terrain and waist-deep waters. The four-layered upper's 4MOST DRY-PLUS membrane creates a water-impenetrable barrier that lets excess moisture vapor escape. This thermal-regulating fabric delivers bone-dry comfort that lasts. The adaptive suspender straps switch between chest-high and waist-high waders so quickly, you have to see it to believe it. Reinforced polyurethane knee patches plow through ice and thick brush with ease. For ultimate performance in the field, we've integrated Cabela's Instinct Men's Accelerator Rubber Boots into these waders. Equipped with Zero Gravity Technology (ZGt™), these boots boast a muck-defying construction that's lighter, faster, tougher and more athletic than traditiona

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