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BESTÅ TV unit with doors - 120x40x74 cm, walnut effect light gray/Selsviken high-gloss/white

IKEA $219.00 Buy Now
BESTÅ, TV bench with doors, walnut effect light gray/Selsviken high-gloss/white, , You can choose to use either the soft-closing or push-open function. The push-opener lets you open the doors with just a light push, while the soft-closing hinges makes sure they close silently and softly.It’s easy to keep the cords from your TV and other devices out of sight but close at hand, as there are several cord outlets at the back of the TV bench.The cable outlet at the top lets cords run down smoothly into the TV bench.The legs raise your BESTÅ combination from the floor, giving it a light airy look and making it easy to clean the floor underneath.

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