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Summer Kickoff Sale

a collection by @oldnavy

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Cuffed White Denim Shorts for Women (3 1/2")
That whole "don't wear white before Memorial Day/after Labor Day" rule? Some rules are made to be broken, we say. And these white denim shorts look too good to wait.
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Aviator Sunglasses for Men
These aviator shades can be our wingman any time.
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Slim-Fit Linen-Blend Shirt For Men
Summertime...and the linen is easy. If you can't wear a tank or tee all season long, this linen-blend button-down is apropos for the office but still keeps you cool.
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Slim Built-In Flex Ultimate Khaki Shorts for Men (10")
Even the Ultimate Khaki deserves a summer break now and then. It's all good though. Its shorter little bro will pick up the slack. Yeah, we went there.