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Rite Lite Gold Finish Battery Powered LED Picture Light




Picture lights are one of the best high-tech solutions for lighting pictures and artwork. The white LED bulbs provide great light for any picture and will clip to most picture frames in seconds. May also be used as a reading light, or clip to a bed head board. Runs on three AAA batteries up to sixty hours. Pivoting head and flexible neck allow you to precisely position the light throw. With six LED lights that last up to 100,000 hours. Gold metallic finish with a frosted glass cover. For indoor use only. Includes both clip and screw-mount brackets. Gold finish. Frosted cover. Includes six LED bulbs. On-off, hi-lo dimming switch. 10" wide. Includes clip and screw-mount brackets. Lasts 60 hours off just three AAA batteries(not included) Light output 30 lumens. Comparable to a 10 watt incandescent bulb. Color temperature 3000k.

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