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Paper Magic All Occasion Handmade Greeting Card Assortment in Keepsake Organizer Box, 25 Cards (2333225)



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Paper Magic Group brings convenience and beautifully embellished cards to you in this handy re-usable keepsake box. Never again will you need to rush to the store for a card, paying too much and wasting time. The box contains 25 cards and coordinating envelopes. Card prints range from photographic to whimsical; artsy to heartfelt. Since 1986, The Paper Magic Group, Inc. has created and distributed a variety of educational and seasonal products. We are proud to offer the best stationery, educational and motivational merchandise for home and school, including games and puzzles, bulletin board decorating sets, banners, recognition awards, bookmarks, and success stickers. PMG also offers boxed greeting cards for Christmas, gift tags and seals, vinyl window clings, and home décor products, Valentine products, classroom-exchange Valentines, stickers, treat sacks, cutouts, and danglers. The company provides a terrific variety of Easter and Halloween products. All Paper Magic divisions maintai

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