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Leveraging our Technology

License our Barcode Scanner SDK

Hundreds of retailers and brands including PriceGrabber, Walmart, Macy’s and Consumer Reports license our iOS and Android barcode scanning SDK to power their mobile applications. Supporting both 1D UPC/EAN barcodes as well as 2D QR barcodes, our SDK provides support for both fixed and variable focal length cameras (i.e. allowing for blurry barcode scanning).

License our Product Data API

Retailers and brands including ConsumerResearch, CNET and Tecca leverage the power of ProductCloud by licensing our Product Data API to power their mobile applications. The API includes product details, photos as well as online and local pricing and inventory data for more than 20,000,000 products from more than 40,000 retailers.

We offer two pricing programs:

Ad Supported

Our advertising supported license requires the licensee to include ShopSavvy delivered advertisements immediately following each scan or query. In return the licensee pays a low licensee fee and receives 70% of all advertising revenue generated by ShopSavvy. The licensee has the right backfill and our advertising platform is not available for syndication currently and as a result the licensee may use their own ad platform until then (ETA 3-6 months).

Annual API License: $4,800 (includes up-to 200K queries per month, $1.50/1000 for additional queries)
Annual SDK License: $5,000 (includes Android and iOS – WP7 when available)

Ad Free

Annual API License: $15,000. 200,000 queries per month are included in the annual fee, provided, however, that unused queries shall expire and not "roll over" to the next month. After 200,000 queries are reached in a month, $3.00 per each 1,000 queries, not pro-rated.

Annual SDK License: $40,000 (includes Android and iOS – WP7 when available)

Software Development Kit (SDK)

download the iOS SDK
download the Android SDK

By downloading these SDKs you are implicitly agreeing to the SDK license and the API license.